With such a wide portfolio on offer, Anderol® Food Grade lubricants can meet the specific requirements of your application. The specially formulated, extensive range of Food Grade compressor and vacuum pump lubricants is suitable for every type of application; rotary, screw, vane or reciprocating. As well as lubricants that can withstand the high temperatures in chains and gears, the range includes greases that are suitable for heavy duty applications where water is present.

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Compressors & pumps

Anderol® has formulated a wide range of Food Grade compressor and vacuum pump lubricants to meet the specific requirements of your application. Whatever your compressor type; rotary screw, vane, or reciprocating; our lubricants provide reduced maintenance costs and significant performance advantages versus mineral oil. Extended drain intervals, decreased deposits, enhanced water separation, and superior film strength are just a few of the benefits that food grade our compressor and vacuum pump lubricants provide.  Check our Food Grade Compressor oil guide for guidance on which compressor lubricant to choose. 

Food Grade Compressor and Vacuum pump lubricants

Gears & Bearings

Our Food Grade Gears and Bearings lubricants are designed to provide and maintain a consistent barrier film on the metal surfaces it protects, in the presence of water, steam, and extreme temperatures. We have a variety of formulations specifically tailored to meet the demanding requirements for bearings, and open and sealed-for-life gearboxes, including several Food Grade and Extreme Pressure applications.

Food Grade Gear Lubricants


Our specialized Chain Lubricants are formulated to perform under a variety of conditions including heavy load exposure to corrosive contaminants and sudden changes in temperatures. These synthetic based lubricants are considered the best chemistry for high temperature applications, including formulations which meet the NSF H1 Food Grade lubricant criteria.

Chain oil


This versatile product line of hydraulic and general purpose lubricants includes formulations designed to meet or exceed commercial specifications. Our products feature good low temperature performance and several products provide excellent shudder free power transmission. In addition to our low particulate mineral oil products we also offer products with unique characteristics as heat transfer, excellent fire resistance and biodegradability.

Hydraulic and general purpose Food Grade lubricants


Our Food Grade grease product portfolio includes technologically advanced greases, all of which consistently deliver on the promise of improved equipment performance, as well as reduced downtime and maintenance costs; many under extreme load and environmental conditions. They are characterized by exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point, high load carrying performance, reduced wear, and excellent resistance to water and corrosion.

Food Grade Greases

Other Applications

The Anderol® portfolio includes a number of food grade lubricants that are suitable for specific other applications to be used mostly within a food production process. Such as Sugar Dissolving Oils, Dough Divider and Heat Transfer Fluid. 

Other Applications
Anderol® All 5
High Performance Air Line Lubricant - Anderol All 5 is a next generation synthetic compressor oil based on a mixture
Anderol® DDO
3H Food Grade Dough Divider Oil - Anderol DDO is a vegetable oil particularly designed for dough dividers.Edible
Anderol® PQ CAL
HT1 Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluid - Anderol PQ CAL Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluid is a non-hazardous, non-toxic and
Anderol® Sugar Dissolving Oil
H1 Food Grade Sugar Dissolving Oil - Anderol Sugar Dissolving Oil is a Food grade fluid for dissolving sugar and
Anderol® DFC 15
3H Direct Food Contact Release Agent - Anderol DFC 15 is a highly refined mineral oil being odorless and testekless

The application of Anderol® products cuts maintenance requirements usually by half, improves operating efficiency and increases machine life significantly