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S series compressor screw

As seen in Lubes 'n Greases July 2020 
High Performance Food Grade Compressor Oils at Competitive Prices

ANDEROL® Specialty Lubricants has formulated a unique, high-quality food grade semi-synthetic compressor oil that offers outstanding performance at a competitive price.

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food production

Food grade lubricants are used during the production of food as well as food packaging (where there is direct product contact), tobacco products and animal feed. In the same way as any other lubricant they are used to protect against friction, wear, corrosion, heat and deposits and for the transmission of power.

Food grade lubricants must comply with safe food regulations and be registered by the USA based NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). Products that are approved by the NSF as lubricants and release agents for the food industry are assigned to specific product codes (H1, H2, H3, HT1 and 3H) depending on their use. Understanding these different food grade lubrication classifications helps ensure optimal safety and compliance.

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The use of high quality food grade lubricants means optimal performance of equipment, compliance with food safety regulations and most importantly, protection for consumers.

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