LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company headquartered in Germany, Cologne. With around14,300 employees in 33 countries, LANXESS is an established company on the global market. LANXESS’ primary expertise lies in producing, developing and marketing chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and polymers, with annual sales of EUR 6.8 billion (2019).

LANXESS manages its operating business through four segments: Advanced Intermediates, Specialty Additives, Consumer Protection and Engineering Materials. These include 11 Business Units, through which LANXESS works with a broad range of applications and markets. Lubricant Additives Business (LAB) is the business unit whose expertise is in producing, developing and marketing products for the lubricants market.

About Lubricant Additives Business (LAB)

Lubricants Additives Business (LAB) headquartered in USA, Shelton, CT is a globally leading solutions provider for the lubricants market across the full value chain. LAB offers more than 600 products ranging from synthetic base fluids, to additive components, additive packages to finished fluids. LAB’s high performance products lubricate all kinds of engines, machinery and transportation equipment. LAB’s products enable its customers to comply with increasingly demanding regulatory driven emission and fuel-economy standards.

Whether used to protect drivelines from wear or to extend the life of industrial machines operating under severe conditions, such as extreme temperatures, oxidation resistance or high torque, all products are specifically developed to fulfill the highest demanding specifications and performance standards while bringing environmental benefits to the customers.
LAB is operating globally with 3 regional sales teams, 5 technical research & competence centers and 12 production sites in 3 regions and 9 countries.

Anderol consists of a dedicated team of professionals with a common mission to deliver top quality lubrication solutions. The historical legacy of innovation and commitment to our customers remains the basic principle of the company. By emphasizing research and development, we are able to quickly formulate new lubrication solutions and deliver tailor made solutions. All production, distribution and sales related processes are managed from the Anderol headquarter and warehouse in Venlo, The Netherlands.

Anderol® Specialty Lubricants has been playing a leading role in the development of synthetic lubricants for a wide range of applications in the mainstream and food industries for 80 years.